How to Sign Up for Online Virtual Group Classes at PNWP

We’re VERY excited to announce that group virtual classes are now available at Pacific Northwest Pilates through Zoom—a video communication system that allows you to meet with a group online.  Are you a new client, a current client, or a current client with a PNWP packages you wish to transfer?  Please see below for instructions:


New Clients

Welcome to Pacific Northwest Pilates!  If you’re brand new to us, please fill out our new client paperwork at this link.  Select the first option “New Client Intake Form”.  Fill out the form and submit to us.


Secondly, if you do not already have a MINDBODY online account, you will need to sign up for an account here.  Our team will be in touch to schedule you with one of our instructors and assist in signing you up for group classes.  Give us a call if you’d like to speak with our studio manager, Tracy, at 503-292-4409.

Current Clients

If you already take group classes at PNWP and have a MINDBODY online account with us, go here to see our list of new online classes.  Click on the title of the class to see a complete description of the class, including what you’ll need, where to purchase products and the class cost.


Current Clients with PNWP Packages to Transfer

If you don’t know how to use our online system OR if you don’t currently have a mat or reformer package and would like to transfer credit from a PNWP package, you can view our listing of online classes here.  You won’t be able to sign-up until your credit has been transferred or you purchase classes. Please call the studio and Tracy will help you get set up so you can view classes and sign up.


And now that you’re established client with us, please continue below for information on how to set up with ZOOM.


ZOOM Registration & Support

Once you’ve registered for a class on MINDBODY online, we’ll be emailing you a link, so you can join the class through Zoom at the designated time.  Please note you will need to sign up for classes at least a half hour in advance of the class to receive the link and password in time. Classes will be limited in size and the 24-hour cancellation policy will still apply.  If you are ill, this policy will be waived.  Contact either your instructor or the studio directly.


Step 1: Download the Zoom Meetings app to your laptop, phone, or tablet.



Step 2: After you’ve registered for a class through MINDBODY online, you can expect an email invitation from the instructor with the Zoom link and password to your class.  This invitation will show up in you inbox at least 30 minutes before your class begins (possibly this email may arrive sooner).  If you do not see it, check your spam folder.


Step 3: At least five minutes before class time, click the link to join the class. The instructor will admit you to the class and greet you and sort out any initial tech issues that arise.


Step 4: If you get kicked out of Zoom during the class for any reason, click on the same Zoom link in your email to resume the class.


FAQs for Virtual Online Beginners

How do I mute/unmute myself?

Click the Mute/Audio button (microphone icon) on the toolbar on the bottom of the Zoom screen. If you do not see the toolbar, please hover your mouse OR tap your screen to see the bottom of the ZOOM window.  A red slash will appear over the icon indicating that your audio is now off. Select this icon again to unmute yourself.


How do I turn off my video?

Click the Stop Video/Video button (video camera icon) on the toolbar. A red slash will appear over the icon indicating that your video is now off. Select this icon again to turn video back on.


I only want to see the instructor, not the other participants.  How do I do that?

In Zoom, you will see the video of whomever is currently speaking. If you only want to see a certain participant, you can use the Pin Video function to do this.


I want to take private sessions online.  Does PNWP offer those right now?

Yes.  Please contact Tracy directly, if you’re interested in this option.  For any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 503-292-4409 or