We're thrilled to announce The Synergy Series—a new collaboration between Pacific Northwest Pilates Education (PNWPE), Merrithew™ Licensed Training Center in Portland, Oregon  and Melanie Byford-Young Education (MBY Education) a virtual education platform dedicated to assisting movement … Read more about News Flash! The Synergy Series 2024

Counter rotation of the upper thoracic from the middle and lower thoracic is a key movement required for walking, running or throwing. Here, Melanie provides a few insights about how to program effectively to create and restore counter rotation between the various regions of the … Read more about Counter Rotation is a Must for Good Motion

Come join us to toast and boast about 22 years! Pop into the studio for a sip and sweet. Take a free class. Join a raffle & share your stories and successes over the years at PNW Pilates. We'd love to see you. Wednesday, May 3rd  | 8:30am - 3:30pm Scroll to see the Free Group Class … Read more about Come Celebrate with Us!

Ever do too much and wish you could hit the reset button? Well, you can. A Pilates reset exercise is defined as any exercise that helps you turn on your level 1 stabilizers (core muscles) and enhances proprioception—the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli … Read more about What’s Your Pilates Reset Exercise?

  Getting ready to run a marathon, purchase a ski pass for the winter season, or join in the Portland Bridge Pedal?  The STOTT PILATES® Jumpboard™ is a Reformer accessory that mimics the surface of the floor or ground and is often used for plyometric training. It's a great prop to … Read more about Bump-Up a Pilates Workout with Jumps

Bowed legs (genu verum) is and outward bowing at the knee—the lower leg  is angled inward (medially) in relation to the femur's axis, giving the limb overall the appearance of an archer's bow. In the video, Melanie explains bow legged alignment and why a movement specialist must adjust and modify … Read more about Bend Your Pilates for a Bow-Legged Body

Whether clients are born with hypermobility (greater than average range of motion in joints) or have acquired it through a condition such as MS or a stroke, hypermobility can be a tricky balancing act.  Hyperextension of the knee is just an example.  Melanie Byford-Young shares how to continuously … Read more about Helpful Tips | Hypermobile Knees