PNWP, on a sylvan hill 700 feet above downtown, is unlike any other Portland studio.We're 22 fully certified, instructors who specialize in personalized Pilates. People of all ages (15-93, currently) and abilities thrive here. We don't shy away from injuries — clients who are de-conditioned or need … Read more about Spotlight on a Pilates Pro — Elle Sevi

Counter rotation of the upper thoracic from the middle and lower thoracic is a key movement required for walking, running or throwing. Here, Melanie provides a few insights about how to program effectively to create and restore counter rotation between the various regions of the … Read more about Counter Rotation is a Must for Good Motion

Come join us to toast and boast about 22 years! Pop into the studio for a sip and sweet. Take a free class. Join a raffle & share your stories and successes over the years at PNW Pilates. We'd love to see you. Wednesday, May 3rd  | 8:30am - 3:30pm Scroll to see the Free Group Class … Read more about Come Celebrate with Us!

Ever do too much and wish you could hit the reset button? Well, you can. A Pilates reset exercise is defined as any exercise that helps you turn on your level 1 stabilizers (core muscles) and enhances proprioception—the unconscious perception of movement and spatial orientation arising from stimuli … Read more about What’s Your Pilates Reset Exercise?

  Getting ready to run a marathon, purchase a ski pass for the winter season, or join in the Portland Bridge Pedal?  The STOTT PILATES® Jumpboard™ is a Reformer accessory that mimics the surface of the floor or ground and is often used for plyometric training. It's a great prop to … Read more about Bump-Up a Pilates Workout with Jumps