June 2024 is set to be an exhilarating month for Pilates professionals, thanks to The Synergy Series—a unique collaboration between Pacific Northwest Pilates (PNWP) and Melanie Byford-Young Education. This series is dedicated to helping movement professionals assess and work more effectively with … Read more about Pilates Synergy Series: Elevate Your Practice with Diane Lee & Melanie Byford-Young

As we mark our 23rd anniversary, we want to extend heartfelt thanks. Over the past two decades +3 years, we've been fortunate to intersect paths with countless remarkable individuals. Within our studio, instructors are transforming lives, restoring mobility, enhancing strength, and nurturing body … Read more about Gratitude Overflow: Celebrating 23 Years of Transformation at Pacific Northwest Pilates

In May Pacific Northwest Pilates turns 23 and we're proud of the big accomplishments our little studio has made. We've earned boasting rights. Here are just six reasons why we're different: 1. Expertise and Personalized Approach: With a team of 22 fully certified instructors, PNWP specializes in … Read more about Pacific Northwest Pilates: 23 Years of Excellence & Innovation

Come join us to toast and boast about 22 years! Pop into the studio for a sip and sweet. Take a free class. Join a raffle & share your stories and successes over the years at PNW Pilates. We'd love to see you. Wednesday, May 3rd  | 8:30am - 3:30pm Scroll to see the Free Group Class … Read more about Come Celebrate with Us!