Improve body awareness (proprioception) and help a client learn to control their foot and simultaneously flex their hip using the unstable foam roller in a side-lying (a.k.a. Sleeper) position on the Pilates reformer. While this is broken down into an isolated range of movement, these are necessary … Read more about Improve Body Awareness? Steady your Sleeper.

People with a history of lower back pain, SIJ instability, sciatic nerve pain or piriformis syndrome may come to Pilates to seek support. In this blog, we take a look at the anatomy of the piriformis, common exercise misconceptions, and how to consider and develop a safe and effective Pilates … Read more about Pilates Pros: Spotlight on the Piriformis

  Getting ready to run a marathon, purchase a ski pass for the winter season, or join in the Portland Bridge Pedal?  The STOTT PILATES® Jumpboard™ is a Reformer accessory that mimics the surface of the floor or ground and is often used for plyometric training. It's a great prop to … Read more about Bump-Up a Pilates Workout with Jumps

The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) declares that 54 million U.S. adults age 50 and older are affected by osteoporosis and low bone mass. To Pilates teachers these numbers are significant: It means that one of every two female clients—and one of every four male clients—who walk into a Pilates … Read more about Bone Up With Pilates

There are many benefits to staying active and exercising during pregnancy. According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), 150 minutes of moderately intense weekly exercise is beneficial for weight and muscle tone management, reducing fatigue, reducing pain and improving … Read more about Pilates and Pregnancy

Like never before, couples at PNWP are doing Pilates together. Online and in the studio, PNWP instructors are teaching more semi-private classes  and seeing more couples during virtual group sessions too. Instead of feeling stuck together, these couples choose to sweat together. Different studies … Read more about Couples Sweat Together While They Stay Together