Summer is nearly here, and for many Pilates clients that means its time to start playing sports and being able to throw or control a racquet or golf club. In this clip, Melanie shows how you can start to integrate throwing actions on the reformer to help clients learn to open up and eccentrically … Read more about A Pilates Throw for Shoulder Control

In the last five years non-traditional approaches to hip replacements are becoming mainstream and tailored more to each client's condition. Master STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, Melanie Byford-Young explains why it's important to know to stay current about hip replacement surgeries and understand … Read more about Therapeutic Pilates | Hip Replacements

Love it BUT don't leave it. Spinal rotation in all its forms is one of Melanie's most useful movement tools to restoring client movement. In a side-lying position on a mat, she highlights three variations of spinal rotation and how they encourage different movement in each segment of the body. … Read more about What Melanie Loves: Spinal Rotation

 What's pulling you down? In clients with head forward posture, Melanie identifies three key areas in the body that contribute to this downward pull and gives tips for re-integrating healthy movement and alignment back into the body. … Read more about What’s Pulling You Down?

Elongate the erector spinae and start the new year with fresh movement inspiration. Melanie's focus today is on the erector spinae and how to restore the flexion relaxation response in these muscles using Roll Down with a weighted ball. … Read more about Muscle Focus: Erector Spinae