Slips, trips, and falls are a pressing concern today. We understand that falls are devastating, being the leading cause of injuries and even death among seniors. Whether falling forward, backward, or to the side, each direction poses a unique risk of injury. Despite these risks, it's crucial to … Read more about Preventing Falls with Pilates: Strategies for Balance and Reflexes

April 6 - 7, 2024,  Pacific Northwest Pilates Education's IQ of Movement conference will focus workshops designed to support "Pilates for Active Aging." With the U.S. aging population increasing, effective Pilates teaching for this demographic is crucial. STOTT PILATES® workshops by PNWPE will … Read more about Mastering Pilates for Active Aging: IQ of Movement Conference Workshops

The Synergy Series joins MBY Education & PNWPE in collaboration with expert voices in the fields of Pilates, physical therapy and research. The Synergy Series 2024, a collaboration between PNWPE, a Merrithew™ Licensed Training Center in Portland, Oregon, and MBY Education, a virtual platform for … Read more about Synergy Series: Enhancing Movement Therapy with PNWPE & MBY Education

PNWP Students clear certification hurdles and acquire deep experience to become certified STOTT PILATES® instructors. Here’s what it takes to become an excellent instructor:   Pacific NW Pilates is, first and foremost, a Pilates studio. It's also a school. Each year, PNWP Education accepts … Read more about PNWP Spotlight: Road to Becoming a Pilates Pro

Improve body awareness (proprioception) and help a client learn to control their foot and simultaneously flex their hip using the unstable foam roller in a side-lying (a.k.a. Sleeper) position on the Pilates reformer. While this is broken down into an isolated range of movement, these are necessary … Read more about Improve Body Awareness? Steady your Sleeper.