Improve body awareness (proprioception) and help a client learn to control their foot and simultaneously flex their hip using the unstable foam roller in a side-lying (a.k.a. Sleeper) position on the Pilates reformer. While this is broken down into an isolated range of movement, these are necessary … Read more about Improve Body Awareness? Steady your Sleeper.

Summer is nearly here, and for many Pilates clients that means its time to start playing sports and being able to throw or control a racquet or golf club. In this clip, Melanie shows how you can start to integrate throwing actions on the reformer to help clients learn to open up and eccentrically … Read more about A Pilates Throw for Shoulder Control

Research indicates that female ballet dancers are susceptible to injuries at a young age. Yet, early assessment techniques and principles—followed by Pilates exercise— may provide valuable insight, alert dance teachers of non-optimal patterns and prevent injuries from happening. In 2014, Melanie … Read more about Key Assessments May Prevent Ballet Injuries

One person is not like the other and this is true with lower back pain, as well. In this clip Melanie explains why program choices must be tailored specifically to each … Read more about Personalize Pilates Programs for Low Back Pain

Using the Pilates Stability Chair  as a tool to retrain, re-balance and coordinate the muscles around the hip and trunk, Melanie advises to add lateral hip exercises to help eliminate and minimize the impact of … Read more about Get Dynamic Hips to Prevent Trips

  Getting ready to run a marathon, purchase a ski pass for the winter season, or join in the Portland Bridge Pedal?  The STOTT PILATES® Jumpboard™ is a Reformer accessory that mimics the surface of the floor or ground and is often used for plyometric training. It's a great prop to … Read more about Bump-Up a Pilates Workout with Jumps