Summer is nearly here, and for many Pilates clients that means its time to start playing sports and being able to throw or control a racquet or golf club. In this clip, Melanie shows how you can start to integrate throwing actions on the reformer to help clients learn to open up and eccentrically … Read more about A Pilates Throw for Shoulder Control

  Getting ready to run a marathon, purchase a ski pass for the winter season, or join in the Portland Bridge Pedal?  The STOTT PILATES® Jumpboard™ is a Reformer accessory that mimics the surface of the floor or ground and is often used for plyometric training. It's a great prop to … Read more about Bump-Up a Pilates Workout with Jumps

It's all over the news. Pro athletes have discovered what others have known for years—Pilates works. Pacific Northwest Pilates co-owner and Lead STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, Leslie Braverman, takes a closer look three reasons why Pilates makes it to the big leagues. Lebron James (pro … Read more about Three Reasons Professional Athletes Turn to Pilates