News Flash! The Synergy Series 2024

We’re thrilled to announce The Synergy Seriesa new collaboration between Pacific Northwest Pilates Education (PNWPE), Merrithew™ Licensed Training Center in Portland, Oregon  and Melanie Byford-Young Education (MBY Education) a virtual education platform dedicated to assisting movement professionals evaluate and work more effectively with injured and complex clients.

Starting in 2024, The Synergy Series will offer four exciting educational events each highlighting a specific topic in the fields of fitness, movement, exercise, research and/or therapy.  Each event will be led by a specialist(s)  in the field and will be followed by related continuing education created by Merrithew Health and Wellness and taught by PNWPE’s elite Instructor Trainer team.


The Synergy Series premieres with five exceptional presenters including PNWPE’s own Melanie Byford-Young.

In order of photo appearance:

+Becky Rucker, PT, DPT, and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

+Deborah Jones, PT, DPT, GCS, CEEAA, ATP and Franklin Method Instructor

+Diane Lee, PT, FCAMT and Founder of Integrated Systems Model (ISM)

+Jennifer Dahl,, BSc, STOTT PILATES Master Trainer, ACE Personal Trainer

+Melanie Byford-Young, PT and Founder of Melanie Byford-Young Education

Each presenter has been personally invited by Melanie Byford-Young to share their vast knowledge, expertise and clinical experience. Melanie and her colleagues will synthesize a huge body of information and offer practical ways to help movement professionals assist their clients and patients. Each topic will be scheduled alongside specially selected STOTT PILATES® workshops offered by Pacific Northwest Pilates Education to provide participants with practical Pilates exercise applications and exercises.


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Sneak a Peek!

The Synergy Series kicks off in January 2024, starting with a two part workshop—Shoulder Impingement Impairment and Return to Full Function with Melanie Byford-Young and Jennifer Dahl.

During this two part workshop, Melanie Byford-Young and Jennifer Dahl will share their experience and insights on how to overcome shoulder impingement and movement impairments at each stage of the recovery process. Melanie will focus on the causes of shoulder impingement and the early to mid-stages of the rehabilitation process. Jen will focus on common mistakes that impair successful return to activity and performance, and practical ways to avoid these pitfalls.

These workshops are designed to complement the STOTT PILATES® workshops offered by Pacific Northwest Pilates.

April 2024 brings The Science of Balance and Fall Prevention and a focus on Pilates and the older adult.

Deborah Jones, PT, geriatric specialist will discuss and demonstrate the key tests she uses to determine the role of the eyes, the vestibular system, and the proprioceptive system during a fall risk assessment. She will also demonstrate how she evaluates fundamental movement patterns and describe the strategies she gives her patients to improve their balance and movement quality. Following the demonstration, Melanie Byford-Young will facilitate a conversation on how the issues identified by Deborah’s tests can be addressed with Pilates based exercises and critical reasoning. This interactive discussion will help bridge a client’s success as they progress from the clinical setting to community based Pilates.

These workshops are designed to complement the STOTT PILATES® workshops offered by Pacific Northwest Pilates.

In the months of June and October we’re hosting Diane Lee, a world-renowned physical therapist, author, speaker, and women’s health specialist.

In June, Diane brings the latest research and perspective on the science and art of managing rectus diastasis (DRA). She will present a lecture about the inter-recti distance (IRD) and diastis rectus abdominis (DRA) and discuss whether the IRD is a valid measurement to inform care for DRA. Following the lecture, she will answer questions related to the updated information and discuss how to apply these findings to a client or patient. This lecture will update  instructors, inform their practice, debunk misinformation and enable participants to interpret claims about DRA management.

October brings Diane Lee to Portland, Oregon where she will introduce the Integrated Systems Model (ISM), and teach participants how to determine whether the pelvis or the thorax is the source of a client’s low back dysfunction (‘Find the Driver’ in ISM terms). The group will collaborate on how to apply the results to Pilates based interventions.  This is an extraordinary opportunity for Pilates based movement professionals to improve their effectiveness and efficiency, and to expand their understanding, and critical reasoning skills.

Please note the October event with Diane Lee will take place in person at Pacific Northwest Pilates in Portland, Oregon for experienced instructors and health practitioners. 

These workshops are designed to complement the STOTT PILATES® workshops offered by Pacific Northwest Pilates.


December is all about athletic conditioning.  Becky Rucker, Physical Therapist, Rehab Pilates Practitioner and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist will share her extensive insight into training athletes, injury management and prevention. Becky will clarify how athletes develop strength, power, hypertrophy, acuity, and mobility. She will also discuss how therapists and coaches develop key movement assessments to determine if an athlete is ready to return to their sport or activity; this will specifically address endurance athletes, a power athlete, or a person who enjoys weight lifting at the gym.

These workshops are designed to complement the STOTT PILATES® and Halo® Training workshops offered by Pacific Northwest Pilates.