Exclusive Train-to-Teach Program Inspires Pilates Students in Training

The science of Pilates is learned in the classroom, but the art of teaching is revealed only when you receive the opportunity to teach. Every student training to become a Pilates instructor at Pacific Northwest Pilates is encouraged to participate in Train to Teacha twenty-hour mentorship program designed to provide students in training with an opportunity to learn beyond the classroom for the first time in a safe, supportive and structured environment before taking a final examination.

Students teach paying clients a one-hour class on mat and reformer under the guidance and support of a fully certified Pilates Instructor Trainer. Students in training will follow a clear teaching plan, be observed throughout their training, and learn to work independently with clients  at PNWP.  For a student in training, it is an invaluable opportunity to get feedback and gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates profession.

Program Objectives

Train to Teach students will learn and practice:

  • Each exercise within the IMP and IR curriculum
  • Exercise goals, muscular initiation and movement sequencing
  • Modifications to increase or decrease exercise intensity
  • Modifications for specific body types and postural issues
  • How to recognize optimal and less than optimal movement patterns
  • A variety of programming options to keep clients motivated
  • Effective communication, verbal cues and imagery for performance enhancement and client motivation


In addition, Train to Teach students will be expected to complete homework and participate in discussions in class and online.


Program Structure

Train to Teach will be conducted in 8-week periods generally, with some exceptions based on holidays, on Tuesdays, 5:45 p.m. -7:00 p.m. and Thursdays from 5:45 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. During that time, students may teach, observe or co-teach for a total of 20 hours—10 hours will include group Fundamentals teaching, 6 hours of private teaching and 4 hours of feedback.

Learn more about client discounted Fundamentals in 8 weeks Program HERE.


A $150 fee is required to enroll in the program. Please contact Tracy at certification@pacificnorthwestpilates.com to learn more.

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