How Pilates Has Changed My Life

I started coming to Pacific NW Pilates in January of 2007 on the advice of my doctor. The previous summer I was diagnosed with a problem with my sacroiliac. After months of pain pills, muscle relaxers, massages and physical therapy my doctor prescribed Pilates. He said I needed to have a strong core to support my body. Years of abuse from child birth, including a C-section, and just every day life had taken its toll on my 47 year old body.

I started with a beginner jump start mat class. The pace was a little too fast for me so I tried a gentle Pilates class with Sue. The slower pace of that class is what I needed. The class also had people like me suffering from a variety of different injuries. Eventually I got strong enough to start going to Sue’s beginner mat classes and as her schedule opened up I started doing private lessons with Sue as well. The first year was a slow journey for me. I was afraid of re-injuring my back so I was overly cautious. It also took a long time and lots of private lessons for me to figure out how to correctly get in a proper “neutral” position and stop “tucking.” It took time to get stronger but eventually I did.

The summer of 2007 my family spent two months in Europe. I was not able to go for my Pilates classes.

I was on my own and spending lots of time on trains, buses and airplanes and sleeping in a different bed every week. I continued doing basic Pilates exercises I had learned to keep my core and back strong. I don’t think I would have enjoyed my trip as much as I did without Pilates. Pilates played a big role in keeping me mentally and physically healthier that summer.

Along the way there have been set backs, like the time I was in a hurry and tried pulling my dog out of the car when she wouldn’t budge. That was a month before I was heading to Europe for the summer! But with Pilates basics under my belt recovery was easier and faster. Last December I went sledding and severely sprained my ankle. Again with time and Sue working on my injured ankle, Pilates once again made a huge difference in my recovery.

Rosie Fiallo