Improve body awareness (proprioception) and help a client learn to control their foot and simultaneously flex their hip using the unstable foam roller in a side-lying (a.k.a. Sleeper) position on the Pilates reformer. While this is broken down into an isolated range of movement, these are necessary … Read more about Improve Body Awareness? Steady your Sleeper.

Whether clients are born with hypermobility (greater than average range of motion in joints) or have acquired it through a condition such as MS or a stroke, hypermobility can be a tricky balancing act.  Hyperextension of the knee is just an example.  Melanie Byford-Young shares how to continuously … Read more about Helpful Tips | Hypermobile Knees

Strength and endurance of deep core muscles are key to a healthy neck especially in conjunction with arm movement. Melanie shows how you can regress and progress prone extension exercises for the cervical … Read more about Multi-Planar Movement | Cervical Spine

It's all over the news. Pro athletes have discovered what others have known for years—Pilates works. Pacific Northwest Pilates co-owner and Lead STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, Leslie Braverman, takes a closer look three reasons why Pilates makes it to the big leagues. Lebron James (pro … Read more about Three Reasons Professional Athletes Turn to Pilates

The Clam is an excellent exercise...when executed well. Here, Melanie explains why she often uses a stability ball to facilitate movement, and what to look for and … Read more about Reclaim the Clam!

Squish the what?! Melanie provides precautions, tips and her favorite exercise-of-choice to center the glenohumeral joint for clients with shoulder joint instability, a history of dislocations and/or pain, clicking and popping in the … Read more about Shoulder Joint Instability

Arthritic fingers leading to ulnar drift makes it harder to produce a powerful grasp.  Melanie Byford-Young and guest client, Mary, demonstrate spine stretch forward and a series to address varied angles and challenge for the shoulders and forearms while protecting the joints of the … Read more about Arthritis & Hands