Gratitude Overflow: Celebrating 23 Years of Transformation at Pacific Northwest Pilates

As we mark our 23rd anniversary, we want to extend heartfelt thanks. Over the past two decades +3 years, we’ve been fortunate to intersect paths with countless remarkable individuals.

Within our studio, instructors are transforming lives, restoring mobility, enhancing strength, and nurturing body positivity—one individual, one movement at a time. We extend our sincerest appreciation to Amy, Anna, Briley, Daphna, Debra, Elle, Emma, Gina, Heather, Holly, Inga, Janet, Jeanette, Katherine, Lisa, Mandee, Martha, Meg, Nancy, Shelly, Peggy and Sue for choosing to be part of PNWP.

To our cherished clients, many of whom have been attending private and/or group sessions with us since our inception, we offer a thousand thanks and even more embraces. Your presence in our studio is a continual honor.

Countless talented individuals, both women and men, have pursued STOTT PILATES certification and further education workshops with us—whether here in Portland or during our teaching ventures in cities across the globe. It brings us immense joy to foster connections with each of you.

Our studio team brings us tremendous joy, particularly as they warmly welcome each visitor, rise to challenges, offer innovative solutions, and constantly strive to improve. Tracy, Hannah, and Kim, we are deeply grateful for all that you contribute.

Thank you for helping us continue to feel brave & young,

XOXO, Leslie & Melanie